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25 Random Things About Me

1. Although I seem conservative, I usually have an opinion on everything, you usually don't expect it when I say "Wow, she's such a hooker" or "He got some custy toots, yo!"

2. 90% of my friends are female, there's a reason why: Guys tend to think I like them just because of my sexual orientation, so I don't bother with most of them.

3. I can recite every Pussycat Doll song for you.

4. I'm a great listener, but bitch if you go on for TWOOOO hours about your sore cunt then I'm gonna have to slap a hoe. <3 Kidding

5. I have a friend who only smokes cigarettes when she goes out to clubs. I want to push her into a bottomless pit. I LOVE YOU _______!

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Welcoming 2009

As the routine new year event hits the globe, people tend to view it as a blank canvas, free to be coloured with new goals, dreams, and desires. With this fresh start given to us, we often look back at the passed year with remembrance, highlighting events that we liked, or situations that we could have done without. The subjectivity of what made 2008 a special year is what makes us each unique.

This brings me to a question,

How are you going to celebrate the ring-in of a new year?

... and on that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it be full of sweet memories in which you'll look back on in 30 years time!

The City: MTV's New Cash Cow?

MTV premiered a new "reality" show last night, "The City", a spin-off starring Whitney Port of The Hills. My first impression? I thought it was pretty good, although Whitney wouldn't have been my first choice for the next Hills castmate venturing off onto their own. She just seems... kind of boring. The episode was full of awkward pauses and plenty of screentime showcasing the stuck-up rich girl and co-worker, Olivia Palermo, which I so badly wanted to punch in the ovary. However, if anything, I did like the theme song, the Pussycat Dolls recorded a song just for the opening called "Top of the World". It's unfortunate that the song isn't on their sophomore album; but hopefully they'll do a re-release sometime in the future.

The Hills ratings are starting to fizzle, I think I read somewhere that MTV has fourteen reality shows in the making - now that's pushing it! Who wants to take bets on how long this show will last? I give it one season... I was going to say half-season but since Whitney is the least anoying of The Hills cast, I'll give her some credit.


My Thoughts on Lady Gaga

Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been really busy but I'm back! Happy Holidays to you all.

I've been really paying close attention to Lady Gaga's work as of late. It's amazing, that as a woman who's grown up in New York, she probably has had many inspiring artists and fashion designers affect her; now she IS an inspiration.

I love this dress she has on, it kind of reminds of the "Fortress of Solitude". It takes someone with maaaaaad balls to wear something that risky, but she TOTALLY pulls it off. I think all the drama with Christina Aguilera is ridiculous. Lady Gaga clearly has her own distinct identity.

I'm pretty dissapointed in Xtina for totally ripping her style. Sorry girl, not this time... you may have brought the hip-hugger jeans a few years back, but you had your time, STEP ASIDE. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hatin on Christina, hell, I went to the Back-to-Basics tour (to see the Pussycat Dolls, hahaha but still), I actually enjoyed her performances, but enough is enough!I listened to her whole album today, The Fame, and my favourites, in order, are:

1. Poker Face (The Dave Aude Radio edit is sickkkkkkk)
2. Love Games
3. Starstruck Ft Flo-rida
4. Just Dance
5. Paparazzi
6. Beautiful Dirty Rich

This also brings me to the lyrics of her songs. She is a SONGWRITER, she's written songs for many famous artists before she became a real success. That just goes to show you raw talent is most definitley an important thing to have (you'd think that was obvious enough without me saying it but with many artists these days, it has to be said). I love her random quirky phrases, "Cause I'm bluffin with my muffin. I'm not lyin, I'm just stunnin with my love glue-gunnin", as heard in Poker Face. She uses extreme metaphors for simple words which are overused by every artist by now (ie; love, sex, money), and I think that's how she keeps her music fresh and almost futuristic. Also, the fact that she exudes an amazing amount of confidence saying the things she does, is by far, the most revolutionary things a female artist can pull off now. "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" ... sure that might scream out "look, im a whore!", but she doesn't care!!

She's not writing songs about deep "meaningful" topics like the hungry kids in Somalia or Global Warming, but many of us can agree that the music industry right now is going in a "party now, pay later" direction, especially with the recession, or "economic crisis" if you will. Upbeat music, random sex connotations and naughty innuendo is the way to go. How else are people going to steer away from the harsh realities in today's society? That's why people love the bubbly, fun nature of Gaga's music.

The world is literally "going gaga" for Lady Gaga.