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25 Random Things About Me

1. Although I seem conservative, I usually have an opinion on everything, you usually don't expect it when I say "Wow, she's such a hooker" or "He got some custy toots, yo!"

2. 90% of my friends are female, there's a reason why: Guys tend to think I like them just because of my sexual orientation, so I don't bother with most of them.

3. I can recite every Pussycat Doll song for you.

4. I'm a great listener, but bitch if you go on for TWOOOO hours about your sore cunt then I'm gonna have to slap a hoe. <3 Kidding

5. I have a friend who only smokes cigarettes when she goes out to clubs. I want to push her into a bottomless pit. I LOVE YOU _______!

6. I have a secret obsession for Alice in Wonderland, it was my first disney movie, it's like watching a movie while you're high, only you don't have to be.

7. I was the only boy in the 4th grade to collect Spice Girls stickers. "ZIGAZIG AHHHHH" Noha, you know all about that!

8. I'm a shisha addict. I've been smoking it almost everyday for the past year.

9. I prefer condos/apartments over houses.

10. I've danced with a Lady Gaga-impersonating drag queen.

11. I've walked from Bloor to Sheppard on a hot September evening when the subway shut down. At first it was because all the shuttle busses were full and I didn't want to wait, then it was because "I wanted to see if I could do it".

12. I loathe awkard hugs.

13. Most people don't understand what I'm saying when I get excited. The words just don't come out the way they're supposed to.

14. I usually laugh when I try to lie. You could imagine how many times I get in trouble :(

15. I love the colours pink and black together... so sexy!

16. I don't know how to burp willingly, I envy everyone who can. Although I wouldn't if I could.

17. Cool beans.

18. Stereotypical gays piss me off. If i've had 3-4 shots of Tequila and I see one of you prissy bastards, I'm probably going to cause a scene. LIKEEEEEE... sorry, girlfriend!!!!

19. When I was like 8, I used to wish every night before I went to bed that I'd wake up the next day as the blue ranger, saving the earth from the evil forces of Rita Repulsa.

20. I loooove sushi, but if someone eats shrimp in front of me, I'll gag.

21. Autumn is my favourite season. The colour of the leaves, the cool breeze, halloween. Love it!

22. Word around the office was that you have big tits. This is my number one icebreaker, even if it's a guy.

23. I'm a shisha addict. I've been smoking it almost everyday for the past year.

24. Once I was on the subway on the way to school, I was listening to "Single Ladies" at the highest volume. A guy sitting across from me got up and performed a song and dance, synchronized to the sound on my iPod. Totally made my day.

25. I don't like sleeping with a wall next to me, I feel trapped. Yet I still have my bed against the wall. 2009, big changes... this is the first happen!




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